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Happy Hour, April 18th (5pm)

Happy Hour returns on April 18th at a fresh location -Beer Thirty! (Located in Soquel on Main Streat, just off the Porter Street Exit.) Come and bring a friend!

Several Open Books

Library Corner (Thursdays, 10am-12pm)

In March, April, and May, the Library will bring back the Holy Sites and Pilgrimage Rites Display. In addition to pictures, journals, books, and artifacts concerning pilgrimages, there will be two Pilgrimage DVDs available for checkout. One is “Strangers on the Earth,” about a Bach cellist who navigates the Camino De Santiago with his cello. The second film is “The Way,” starring Martin Sheen. It includes beautiful photography of the Camino. If you have any notes, pictures, or memories of pilgrimages or Holy Sites that have moved you, I'd love to hear your story.  -Librarian

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