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Third Thursday Happy Hour (June 20th, 5pm)

The Third Thursday Happy Hour will be at 5pm in Cruz Kitchen & Taps on Laurel Street at Pacific Avenue, next door to Ace Hardware. Bring a Friend for Fine Food, Fun, & Fellowship (also good drinks)!

Several Open Books

Library Corner (Thursdays, 10am-12pm)

Remember the exciting and whimsical “Where’s Waldo?” games, books and posters?  Well the Library is going to recreate that fun with its current display and a “Where’s Hazel Nutt?” contest. There are photos from our library archives posted in the library, on the bulletin board in the fellowship hall and on the bulletin boards in the sanctuary hallway. The first person to find Hazel Nutt will receive a Ten Dollar Coffee gift card from the shop of your choice, or a pound of Hazel Nut flavored coffee.

-Larry the Librarian


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